About Tear Drop Gin

Picture the scene.

A group of Paisley Buddies*, enjoying a family get together, discussing gin.

“There are so many great gins from all over Scotland. Why not a gin inspired by Paisley?

After all, Paisley is Scotland’s largest town."


And so...Tear Drop Gin was born.

We wanted to create a traditional gin to reflect Paisley’s historical roots. But with the addition of two extra ingredients which remind us of growing up in our hometown...brambles and rowan berries.
Summers spent picking wild brambles from anywhere we could find them...mainly the Gleniffer Braes.
The look, smell and taste of those bramble berries still bring back fond memories of many a happy day.
A huge rowan tree stood in our back garden, next to the shed...reminiscing many a great berry fight! It is easy to close our eyes and recall the vivid red colour of the bunched berries and the scent of them left on our fingertips.

With the help `and guidance from the award winning Pete and Rich at Lost Loch Spirits in Aboyne, Tear Drop Gin was created.

Subtle sweet notes of brambles and bittersweet rowan berries, combine with classic gin ingredients, create a very fine Scottish Craft Gin.

The first Paisley Gin.  Created by Buddies for Buddies who love gin. 

 *Paisley Buddy - For those that don't know...the name given to a person who is from Paisley !