Tasting Notes & Perfect Serve

Our Botanicals

Juniper, coriander, Angelica root, cassia bark, almonds, lemon peel, black pepper, brambles, rowan berries.


The Scent of Tear Drop

Fresh and aromatic with a hint of berries and a kick of pepper.

Our Perfect Serves

Serve 1 - Terrific with tonic

Tear Drop is terrific with tonic as the bittersweet rowan and sweet bramble berries cut through the aroma of tonic. Enjoy as a classic G&T!

Serve 2 - Brilliant with berries

The rowan and brambles distilled in Tear Drop are brought to life with a handful of fresh berries and gives a brilliant berry burst on the nose and taste.  Serve with your favourite tonic or even plain soda to truly bring out the signature flavour of Tear Drop best served with ice.

Serve 3 - Simply sip and savour

Straight gin ??? Yes, that’s what we suggest as we sampled our initial run, what was apparent that the gin was good enough to drink on its own.  The aroma of Tear Drop’s traditional botanicals come to the fore. They are offset by the berry sweetness and the slight warmth of black pepper.  This is one you have to try...simply sip and savour.